• Santtu Salminen
  • Finland
  • 2021
  • 20 min

FilmFestival Cottbus



A middle-aged man on the verge of a burnout seeks new energy through a very special form of self help therapy.


Jussi, 48, is totally worn-out. A failed marriage, lost connection with his son and a professional downswing have driven him into a mental slump. Jussi’s young and athletic supervisor Aleksi has taken note of this and offers to help.
Aleksi takes Jussi to a remote bog. At the bog, Aleksi instructs Jussi on a series of exercises, meant to conjure up their ‘primitive side’. They throw large rocks, roar, wrestle face down in the mud. The behaviour of the men becomes increasingly animalistic and Jussi, to his surprise, feels very empowered. As the day progresses, the impromptu self-help retreat turns violent and life-threatening. Aleksi becomes frightened of Jussi, who might be too far gone.