• Alexander Baghdasaryan
  • Armenia
  • 2020
  • 21 min

FilmFestival Cottbus



Aram is a physically unimposing debt collector. Given it's not an ideal combination, he is accompanied by two mighty strongmen who do the dirty work for him. Also unusual however: Aram is a gifted pantomimist. Absurd comedy meets subtle criticism of the system.


For Aram human fate is only a means towards the realisation of his career goals. He is a conformist, always striving for an image as a goody-two-shoes. He brusquely rejects questions about the moral integrity of his work. Instead he prefers to enjoy the advantages of fast cars and the company of beautiful women, all of which is in stark contradiction with his everyday life, the latter shaped by human tragedies. Main actor Areg Gevorgyan sensitively gives expression to the feelings of remorse that result. Refined long takes, match cuts and a catchy soundtrack prove both captivating and thought-provoking at once.