Meeting at Venice Film Festival

MIOB members are having strategic meetings during the 80th Venice International Film Festival (VIFF), developing current and future projects on equality, ecology, audience involvement and fostering young talent.

We are very glad that legendary Italian filmmaker Liliana Cavani received the honorary Golden Lion award recognising her career which spans seven decades. Ninety-year-old Cavani is the first female to receive this award, followed by standing ovations.

Women are still under-represented in the film industry. According to data presented during the Seminar on Gender Equality and Inclusivity in the Film Industry, hosted by La Biennale di Venezia in collaboration with Eurimages and Women in Film, Television & Media Italia, one-third (32,6%) of overall submissions to VIFF this year are by female directors.

However, in the College Cinema program, the number of submissions throughout 2022-2023 was much higher, 43%, proving the industry is still losing young eloquent female voices after the film school graduation.