Gender and Diversity Programming Workshop

MIOB members took part in a gender and diversity programming workshop arranged by CROSSING EUROPE Filmfestival Linz.

The program is the heart of our work, the flagship, and the reason why the audience comes to us. During 2 days workshop led by ZARA - Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit, publishing the annual Racism Report for Austria, and Berlin-based film director and activist Pary El-Qalqili we tackled a wide range of subjects to learn and unlearn in programming and beyond.

Case studies of ARTE, Berlinale as well as best practices to adopt from European theatres, universities, associations and other forward-thinking think tanks were analysed by the MIOB members.

Each festival presented diversity and equality situation in its country. Despite the situation is still bad in some neighboring countries, it is inspiring to hear how colleagues managed to achieve an increase from 6% to 50% in programming films by female directors.

Is the program better if it includes films from all the marginalised groups? Personal is political. The phrase popularized by second-wave feminism underscores the connections between personal experience and larger social structures. Imagine you wake up early in the morning, and the trait on the card is part of your new personality. What would your life be from now on if you picked a different ethnic card or disability? Would you feel to have more or less power and influence in your workplace and society?

Having an idea to share how to be more diverse and inclusive? Drop us an email.