• Linda-Schiwa Klinkhammer
  • Germany
  • 2020
  • 23 min

European Film Forum Scanorama



West-Germany, 1971, Christmas Eve: Through the lens of seven-year-old Kimîa’s Super 8 camera, we see her mother fight for emancipation from her family and her husband. Snapshots of an Iranian-German family captured with authentic 8 mm film.


West-Germany, 1971: Seven-year-old Kimîa receives the gift of a Super 8 camera at her last Christmas in Germany before her family moves to Iran. With it, Kimîa captures the moment when her mother Hanna is astonished to learn that her husband has decided to send Kimia with his mother there in advance. German Grandmother Hilde wants to stop them from moving by any means possible. Hanna now finds herself caught in the middle, forced to fight for her role as a young mother.
MAMANAM tells the story of a young woman fighting for emancipation - told from a child’s perspective, filmed like an Instagram story on 8mm.