• Nikola Stojanovic
  • Serbia
  • 2019
  • 19 min

Les Arcs Film Festival



A one-night stand that takes the viewer from a heavy metal club and everyday sadness, to a thirst for adventure and self-destruction. Not really love, not really sex, yet still a lot of tension when one looks beneath the surface.


An unusual everyday portrait: Ena comes from a stable background, Sale and his parents found themselves stranded here during the Yugoslav wars. Nikola Stojanović speaks pointedly, and with a great sensitivity for details, about the longing for a big party and the disenchantment that remains afterwards. And yet, in spite of everything, hearts remain open. In passing, everyday nationalist narratives found across the Balkans are satirised, as in the clear words between Ena's Serbian uncle and Sale from Bosnia: “People like you took my job” - “People like you killed my dad”.