• Kristin Johannessen
  • Sweden
  • 2020
  • 14 MIN

Seville European Film Festival



Years after recovering from her sickness in delusional thoughts and OCD, Kristin Johannessen finds her old digital cameras while clearing out her childhood room. She lived there during her illness and used to record film for hours a day, when she controlled her living (for example to make sure the door was locked). These films were not meant as documentation, they just served as a calming reassurance for her thoughts. The day after filmning, everything would be deleted - to make space for new films. But, she found that some films still remained on the newly found digital cameras and these authentic filmclips make up the foundation of the short film MEMORIES.
In this personal documentary we get to follow Kristin Johannessen as she looks back on her mental illness. In conversations with her parents, memories of loneliness, fear and odd thoughts are woven together.