• Leni Gruber
    • Alex Reinberg
  • Austria
  • 2022
  • 28 min

Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz



For would-be actress Anna, success is a long time coming. When she’s cast as a victim in training exercises for the local fire department, Anna screams for her life and her career, as her dad sees little avail in his daughter’s lofty aspirations.


Breakthroughs don’t come easy. Especially for upand-coming actress Anna. Rejected from her most recent audition, Anna returns home to find that her dad has already made other plans for her life. Her last chance: playing the victim in training exercises for the local fire department. Whether she is rescued from car wrecks or placed under toppled trees, Anna gives it everything she’s got, because a job at the local bank seems utterly unthinkable.